Learning Chinese in Beijing

Why learn Chinese in Beijing?

  • Beijing is a world famous metropolis with its unique spirit and characteristics. It exemplifies a delicate balance between tradition and modernity. Since it is the capital or heart of China, Beijing has become a top destination for overseas students eager to learn or improve their Chinese, a language spoken by nearly 1.4 billion people all over the world.
  • Mandarin is China’s official language based on Beijing dialect. Therefore Beijing boasts of an ideal environment for learning the Chinese language, especially when your goal is to master authentic tones and go out for dumplings with local native speakers.
  • Beijing has become not only a top destination for travelers but also a great city for many students to learn foreign customs and adapt to a different lifestyle. Beijing is sure to provide foreign students with a perfect language acquisition environment including complete cultural and linguistic immersion.
  • Beijing, as China´s cultural epicenter, offers more than just an academic experience; it provides an opportunity to explore China´s dynamic culture through museums, art galleries, architectural wonders and historical relics.
  • Beijing is a cutting-edge city that has experienced rapid economic growth and social development. With bristling skyscrapers and incessant changes, the city has very well preserved its history, culture and tradition.
  • Beijing also boasts of excellent transport facilities. In addition to an extensive public bus system, Beijing’s subway is very convenient and constantly expanding, yet the fare is very inexpensive. Both subway and bus routes are incorporated into Google Maps.