Messages from Students

See what our previous and current students think about Frontiers school.

…Study Chinese at Frontiers for about 10 months and have thorough enjoyed my time here, I had two great teachers Bill and Travis who made learning Chinese a lot of fun. I’m off to Australia and hope I’ll get a chance to come back to China at some point.

From Paul Cargill (Australia) January 14, 2010

…I really enjoyed studying Chinese here at Frontiers. The all are very friendly and the teachers here prepared me very well. I have to credit Frontiers, and especially Carol, for getting to a higher level of Chinese.

From Sean Miner (USA) November 21, 2009

…I had a very good time here in school Frontiers. wǒ de lǎo shī hěn hǎo jiāo hàn yǔ
I will recommend this school to all my friends to learn Chinese.
The atmosphere is so nice and friendly. I’m very sad that I have move to another city and stop continue classes. xièxiè

From Katarzyna (Poland) November 5, 2009

Thanks to all the people that are involved in making this place what it is – a wonderful school for learning Chinese! I only had a short time here, but I really enjoyed the classes, the coffee and the possibility to use the internet. Special thanks also for the free classes – I am not a mahjong expert yet but It was a lot of fun! I will be back for more classes as soon as possible.
All the best to you!

From Katharina (Germany) February 22, 2008

Dear Frontiers staff, especially teacher Li and teacher Sha and Mandy,
I am leaving China after 2 and a half years’ studying at Frontiers School. Was of much fun, of course useful as well, being here with highly qualified teachers.
Thanks a lot and hope the school full of prosperity.

From Satoko (Japan) February 10, 2008

Thank you to all the staff at Frontiers. I have very much enjoyed the classes and the friendly atmosphere in the school. Thanks particularly to our teacher for her professionalism and patience.
Good luck to all of you.
Best wishes,

From Meg Coillan Dawens (Scotland) November 16, 2007

Dear Frontiers staff, Mandy, Feifei, Carol & Linda etc. Thanks a bunch for providing such a friendly forum to learn Chinese. The teachers have been very kind, patient & extremely helpful. I have loved living in BJ & thoroughly enjoyed studying at the school.
Keep in touch & keep up the good work, tongbao!

From Sally Pengshan(Australia) November 2, 2007

To Frontiers School!
Thanks for the great time I had during my studies here. When I will be back I know I have a second home here. Especially thanks Liu laoshi!

From Idan (Israel) May 10, 2006

I have been very happy studying at Frontiers. I learned a lot of useful grammar and expanded my vocabulary very quickly.
I wish that I had time to study more and will recommend Frontiers to all my friends.

From Robyn Schipp (Australia) April 11, 2005