Chinese language development program for children

About Mandarin Magic

Mandarin Magic is Beijing’s first Chinese language development program that specifically aims to teach Chinese to toddlers and young children of other language speaking backgrounds. In association with Frontiers, the language program provides a unique balance of using both Western and Chinese teaching philosophies to teach Chinese fluency. Our proven methodology has been used in the United Kingdom for teaching children a new second language.
The 90 minute classes, conducted totally in Chinese, will provide the children and their accompanying parents or care givers with a fun and stimulating environment for making learning Chinese easy and enjoyable. The classes are suitable for children from 2 through to 6 years of age with each session building on the previous week’s learning to ensure continual progress in the language.
By enrolling your children at Mandarin Magic, you can be assured that they will be taught by professional Chinese teachers that speak accurately and free of any accents and slang terms.

‘ The emphasis on language acquisition at any stage of a child’s life must include a strong element of language development. In teaching Mandarin, the emphasis is not only on acquiring this new language but also in developing the range of vocabulary and structures both in the first and the additional language. This is done by using a European methodology which combines structured and planned activities designed for continuous learning with excellent language tuition.’ Judy Shepherd, Program Developer

Why should your children learn Chinese?

The Chinese language is becoming more important in today’s world. Living in Beijing provides a golden opportunity for your child to gain a strong foundation in Chinese – a language spoken by over one fifth of the world’s population. Alongside building their confidence in communication, they will gain a better insight into and understanding of the Chinese culture, thereby enriching their experience and enjoyment of living in China.

Research has also shown that learning another language will help to enhance a child’s mental agility, flexibility and creativity. Learning Chinese as a second or even third language will give your child a competitive advantage over their peers and improve their attention skills.


  • To deliver a professional and high quality Chinese language program for teaching toddlers and young children of non-Chinese speaking backgrounds.
  • To provide a fun, interactive and stimulating learning environment so that children can reach their full potential.
  • To assist the parents or care givers in understanding the teaching methodology in order for them to enhance the children’s language development outside of the classroom.
  • To build confidence in communication and enriching the children’s experience and enjoyment in China.


  • Each child attends, accompanied by parent or care giver, thereby encouraging the continuation of learning at home. Learn together!
  • The classes will be conducted in Chinese only in order to immerse the child into the language.
  • Each lesson will be structured and have an individual theme with the child being taught key Chinese words and sentences for that theme through conversation and activities.
  • Each lesson will build on the learning from the previous one with a section of the lesson dedicated to reviewing the previous week’s key words.
  • The language associated with Chinese culture and festivals will form part of the lessons in order to build an appreciation and understanding of the local culture.
  • The maximum class size is 5 children and 5 adults.