The best way to learn mandarin

   It seems that mandarin Chinese is one of the most difficult language in the world to learn for foreigners, so a large quantity of foreign mandarin learners are keen to know the best way to learn mandarin. If there are someone who is a mandarin learner wanting to know how to learn mandarin, do you know how to help him by giving some suggestions?
   One of the best ways to learn mandarin is to study hard. You should try your best to learn mandarin and do not give up. If you do not try your best, it is not possible for you to learn mandarin Chinese even if you know the best way to learn mandarin.
   My second suggestion is that you could watch Chinese movies or Chinese TV series. Watching Chinese movies or TV series provides you a way to relax yourself. At the same time, you could learn a lot of Chinese proverbs or slangs, which will help you a lot to learn mandarin more like a native Chinese speaker. Of course it can help you to feel more interested in Chinese to learn mandarin. Instead, if you just learn mandarin in some ways like reciting Chinese characters or listening Chinese news, you could easily become bored to learn Chinese.
   You should not forget the idea that it is a useful way to read Chinese books. By reading Chinese books, you can learn a lot of Chinese mandarin characters and, which are really beneficial for you to know the best way to learn mandarin well. Chinese characters will help you to speak mandarin more fluently and clearly. You can know how to express your ideas more naturally by reading Chinese books, through which you will learn so much Chinese characters.
   The best ways to learn mandarin are various. And you should pick up the methods which you like and are suitable for you. Paying attention to the best way to learn mandarin, sooner or later you will succeed in the mandarin learning.

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