Study Chinese language in China

   If you are a Chinese learner, what do you want to do to improve your Chinese? As far as I am concerned, I would like to study Chinese language in China. So what would you do if you have the opportunity to study Chinese language in China?
   You must insist on studying, which is important if you study Chinese language in China. No input, no output. You must learn some Chinese character or phrase every day. After studying, it is better to use the characters you have learned to write some Chinese articles, or chatting with Chinese people. So you can not forget the character or phrase. Do not stop learning Chinese for a long time, and continue to learn .if not, it almost impossible for you to be good at Chinese. I advise you that do not learn too more by one time. If so, you may feel dull to learn Chinese and then stop to learn Chinese.
you’d better read Chinese books as many as possible because Chinese books are so few in other countries. If I can study Chinese language in China, I could choose a lot of Chinese books I love to read. I can read Chinese traditional love story, or Chinese poem is also a good choice. I can learn more Chinese characters by reading Chinese books. At the same time, I can learn more about Chinese culture.
   Of course, what is important for every Chinese learner to learn Chinese well is persistence. You can not give up learning Chinese every day if you want to become a good Chinese learner. So persist learning Chinese and you will achieve great success.
   From my respects, the methods above are useful and beneficial for every Chinese learner no matter they study Chinese language in China or other countries. Make god use of these methods and you will achieve success in your Chinese learning.

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