Study Chinese in China for free

   In my opinion, the best way to learn a language is to live in that country. If you are learning Chinese, it is a useful way for you to live in China. So if you can study Chinese in China for free, what methods can you use to improve your Chinese?
   Interest is the best teacher, no matter you study Chinese in China for free or in other countries. If you want to be good at Chinese, you must bring up your interest of learning Chinese. Interest can help you fight against with dull. It is better for you to find something you like to do. For example, if you like to watch TV, you can watch some Chinese TV with your mother language caption. If you like to chat with people, you can use Chinese to chat with Chinese through internet or by other ways.
One of the advantages of studying Chinese in China for free is that you have more opportunities to learn Chinese culture, which is necessary for you if you want to be a good Chinese learner. For example, you will have more chances to visit Chinese scenes, which are historical and cultural. Of course, you could be invited to visit your Chinese friends’ home. You would realize more about Chinese people and Chinese culture if you be careful enough. Learning Chinese songs is really a good way for you to learn Chinese because lyrics include plenty of Chinese traditional elements.
   Of course, what is important for every Chinese learner to learn Chinese well is persistence. You can not give up studying Chinese every day if you want to become a good Chinese learner. So persist learning Chinese and you will achieve great success.
   I hope that you can get some help on studying Chinese in China for free from my suggestions and become a good Chinese learner.

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