Learn mandarin in China

   How hard is Chinese to learn? Well opinions on that question vary. The US Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute has given major foreign languages a rank in order of difficulty to learn for native English speakers. Although the ranking seems to have changed over time from a scale of 1-4 (4 being hardest) to a scale of 1-3, Chinese is invariably given the highest (hardest) score. So if you are a Chinese learner who is learning mandarin in China, what do you think is important to improve your Chinese?
   On one hand, interest is the best teacher, no matter you learn mandarin in China or in other countries. If you want to be good at Chinese, you must bring up your interest of learning mandarin. Interest can help you fight against with dull. It is better for you to find something you like to do. For example, if you like to watch TV, you can watch some Chinese TV with your mother language caption. If you like to chat with people, you can use Chinese to chat with Chinese through internet or by other ways. On the other hand, I think bazaar is a good place for me to practice my Chinese if I can learn mandarin in China because there are so many Chinese people speaking native Chinese. The environment of bazaar may be very noisy, but I think it is more beneficial for me to practice my Chinese because it is impossible for us to listen to and speak Chinese in a quiet environment always. In most cases, the environment surrounding us is noisy, just like bazaar. Besides, it is more possible for me to learn native proverbs from people who are in bazaar, which is an important part of Chinese.
   I hope that you can get some help on learning mandarin in China from my suggestions and become a good Chinese learner.

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