Chinese language for beginners

   Learning a language is a difficult task for most people. For a lot of chinese language beginners, it is especially true. Supposing that you are a one of the chinese language beginners, what would you do to improve your chinese? Here are some possible answers.
   First of all, you could try your best to make friends with some chinese. By making friends with them, you could practice your oral chinese all the day. If you do not have a chinese friend, it would be more difficult for you to speak chinese in your daily life. It is absolutely true that you can learn plenty of things in speaking chinese if you could insist practice chinese with your chinese friens. For example, you can learn a lot of proverbs which you can not learn through books and class.
   In addition, it is a good way for chinese language beginners to keep a diary to improve your chinese. The key is that you should write something in chinese everyday. Of course it is chalanging for all chinese language beginners, but if you can hold the line, you do achieve a lot. You can write a few sentences at firs and use the characters and phrases you learn everyday to practice how to use them. as you learn more about chinese language, you can add the number of characters in your diary.
   And another good way for chinese language beginners to learn chinese is to watch chinese movies. You can learn a lot form watching Chinese movies. By watching Chinese movies you can practice your Chinese listening through Chinese movies. And you can learn more about Chinese culture by these Chinese movies, which is helpful to your mandarin learning.
   The methods for chinese language beginners to learn chinese are various, as well as your choice. But remember that the method which suits you best is the best method. So just choose the right method and learn hard, sooner or later you will speak mandarin well.

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